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Why do we train?

For most of us enjoyment and results, results being more enjoyment or event orientated.

Everyone is not only built differently but have different lifestyles and levels of commitments, From the full-time professional athlete to a working parent of three. We all need to make the most of the hours presented.

This is why smart periodization in your training is essential if you want improvements and to hit target results.

Cycling is an endurance based sport which means time…but does not mean hour upon hours on the bike. Depending on your situation quality of training sometimes works over quantity and can provide better results. There is a trick to periodization, Train hard but make sure you train very easily as well. Forget about the in-between stuff and make sure you recover between session. Monitor effects of training on your body, simple monitoring will show you when you are ready to hit it again. Once you have successfully gathered information on the effects of training you will see what really works for you.

I would strongly advise you to employ a coach. Coaches are not just for the pro’s but for those who care about their results. Use them and learn from them.

Cheers Muz

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