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About JetBlack


JetBlack Cycling is a family-run Australian company that places a high value on family, fun and fitness.

Innovation meets excellence

We supply many quality products for road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and recreational cyclists.

At JetBlack we design and produce our own cycling products and distribute them worldwide. JetBlack products are designed by cyclists for cyclists. Innovation and fair prices are the heartbeat of JetBlack.

Ride faster, harder and have more fun for less money.


In 2020, the well-known black and orange bicycle brand JetBlack celebrates its 15th anniversary in Australia and has permanently evolved.

The purpose of JetBlack today is “Love to Ride”. And the mission statement is “Achievable Performance”. Don’t mistake the brevity of these statements for a lack of thoughtfulness or thoroughness. JetBlack has driven the remarkable success of the Australian-based company, which is now a global brand.

Like many independent start-ups, JetBlack Cycling started small, originally in a pallet rack storage workshop with just two racks.

But from these small beginnings, a lifelong passion for cycling, together with consistent and significant investment in people and product development, has led to remarkable results – not only for JetBlack, but also for its dealers and customers worldwide.

“We love the experience of cycling and want our customers to enjoy it too.  Our goal grew out of my personal passion for cycling, which started with me getting on my BMX as a kid and riding to the suburbs, getting lost and then finding my way home. Then as I got older I discovered mountain biking, commuting and later business in the 1990s and discovered my love for cycling. I am still a cyclist and enjoy riding.”

– Tony Simmonds, co-founder and managing director of JetBlack

At JetBlack, cycling is not only a business, but also a very personal matter.

“Cycling has played a major role in my own well-being in all situations of my life. Four years ago, when my daughter had a life-threatening illness and my private life was in shambles, it helped me a lot to cope with this situation as well. I got on my bike and rode long and hard – alone or with friends. It helped me stay physically and mentally strong during a very difficult time. It was also an incredible opportunity to come together as a new family with my 2 children, my new wife and her 3 children. I have learnt so much about cycling through their experiences,” says Tony.

JetBlack has developed a global market for its own increasingly sophisticated products, led by the newly launched JetBlack Volt Smart Trainer.

 JetBlack has been making indoor training equipment for some time, but the trend and capabilities of the Smart Trainer are very specific and highly technical. The Volt is the result of four years of hard work by JetBlack’s team of Australian experts.

JetBlack’s products are not only sold in Australia, but also worldwide.

When it comes to product development, JetBlack’s motto is “Achievable Performance”. JetBlack develops products that are not only affordable, but also work as well as anything else on the market.

“From the beginning, we had the desire to build an affordable yet performance-driven brand”

One of the main motivations for this was the opportunity to improve existing products and make them even better and more affordable through thoughtful innovation, not just for Australians but for cyclists around the world.
JetBlack continues to invest in the development of its growing team and products.
“There are exciting times ahead. Our new Smart Trainer can rival any product in the world.”
We’re innovating in the high-tech trainer space and taking the accessories you need for indoor cycling to the next level. Our indoor trainer studio accessories include a specially designed trainer table with grooves for the Volt and a pivoting pivot block that not only simulates the actual cycling motion, but also reduces the stress on your equipment when riding the indoor trainer. At the same time, we also innovate with everyday items like water bottles by designing them to be easy to squeeze and cleverly tapered to make them easier to insert into the bottle cage.

“The feedback we are getting on our latest Smart Trainer, the VOLT™, is phenomenal.

“The dealers are thrilled with how quiet it is. But we also put a lot of work into our firmware. We’ve done a lot of programming to make sure it’s realistic when cycling uphill and downhill, taking into account the weight of the rider, the weight of the bike and the wind resistance at different speeds to get the right power curves.”

Every product JetBlack develops must be in line with their goal: “Love to Ride”.

But it’s not just about the purpose and the products, it’s also about the people, the culture and the community spirit. The JetBlack team is growing. We are always looking for people who share this motivation.

JetBlack’s corporate culture is one of family, fun and fitness.

“My team tells me that I’m funny, but not witty! I take my work pretty seriously, but there’s always room for a joke, a smile, lots of friendliness and, of course, cycling,” says Tony.

“In our company, we encourage the team to get on a trainer or ride a bike while they work. Every week the fridge is stocked with fresh fruit, protein powders and supplements to support healthy eating.”

“We are very keen to support grassroots cycling in Australia. We are fortunate to support many events, teams and community fundraisers. I personally ride a number of charity events such as 180TC to support alcohol and drug addiction recovery and Rare Cancers Australia Canberra to Thredbo.”

JetBlack is a long-time sponsor of Rocky Trail Events and also has a JetBlack mountain bike team and sponsors the GPM NRS (National Road Series) team of indoor trainers.

It is fair to say that JetBlack has made it because it has focused on its goals, products and people.

Why JetBlack

We are aware of the costs of our sport. That’s why JetBlack strives to offer you the best product at the best price, without compromising on performance and quality.

JetBlack Cycling is an Australian family business that places great emphasis on family, fun and fitness. This passion drives us to innovate for the benefit of the cycling community.

We pride ourselves on offering the best support in the industry. Call us if you have a problem or just want to talk about your trainer.

At JetBlack we design and manufacture our own cycling products and distribute them worldwide. JetBlack products are developed by cyclists for cyclists. Innovative and affordable products are the heartbeat of JetBlack.

Compatible Apps

Ride with the favourite apps of your choice

JetBlack Smart Trainers are designed with industry standard protocols and electronics to seamlessly connect with the most popular training platforms and deliver an exceptional cycling experience.

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