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JetBlack Cycling App


All the coaching tools you'll ever need for indoor training

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Take your training to the next level!

The JETBLACK TRAINING APP is the indoor training app you've been waiting for! Get the most out of every ride with the FREE JETBLACK CYCLING APP for iOS or Android.

Download the JetBlack Training App for free when you purchase a JetBlack Trainer. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Just follow the web link on the back of the trainer guide to register and download the JetBlack app.
You don’t have a new JetBlack trainer yet? Then you can buy the app on iTunes or Google Play and track your workout progress.

Tracking and monitoring your training progress is essential to improve your performance and achieve the best results.
Get the feedback you need to become a better cyclist!

Keep track and compare your indoor workouts with the helpful built-in features and metrics of the Jetblack Training App.

This app was designed and developed by professional cycling and triathlon coach Murray Healey. It includes beginner and advanced workout programs delivered directly to your device. Use the JetBlack workout app anywhere, any time, any season and check your results.

First steps

JetBlack Cycling App


Download and install the JetBlack Cycling app for iOS or Android.

Connecting JetBlack Cycling App


Mount your bike and connect the trainer to the app via Bluetooth™ or ANT+™.


Start with a workout or training plan or create your own session

JetBlack Training App - Devices

JetBlack Radfahren App

Train like the pros with your own coach

Take your training to the next level with the JETBLACK CYCLING APP. Get the feedback you need to become a better cyclist. Always keep track and compare your indoor sessions with the helpful built-in features and metrics. The JETBLACK CYCLING APP includes beginner and advanced training programs designed by professional cycling and triathlon coach Murray Healey, delivered directly to your device.

Your personal coach… The JETBLACK CYCLING APP

Train longer and harder

Holen Sie sich das Feedback, das Sie brauchen, um ein besserer Radfahrer zu werden! Always keep track and compare your indoor workouts with the app’s helpful built-in features and metrics. The JETBLACK CYCLING APP is the indoor training app you’ve been waiting for.


JETBLACK TRAINING APP is the indoor training app you've been waiting for

Get the feedback you need to become a better cyclist! Keep track and compare your indoor sessions with the app's helpful built-in features and metrics.

Design your own training screen

  • Adapt the screen to your training session. Get the information you need in the blink of an eye. Easily enable or stop metrics on your training screen.

Monitor your session progress

  • Press the start button and follow the progress bar or monitor your speed, distance, time, power (perceived or actual), heart rate and calories.
  • Train to the recommended equipment and previously measured intensities (perceived exertion rate)
  • Measure and monitor your cadence with the help of our pulsating cadence display

Test and monitor yourself

  • Integrated fitness/zone test and zone calculator ensure you’re hitting your correct training zones
  • Add personal indicators that give you cumulative feedback on your sessions.
  • Take the recovery test of the app and reach your top form

Compare and share results

  • Compare your workouts throughout the year, benchmark your fitness, and do recovery tests to make sure you’re on track. Automatically upload your results to Strava, Training Peaks, Facebook and Twitter and track your progress against your friends or rivals


JetBlack Cycling App - Workouts
  • Coached MP3 or read-and-ride sessions optimized to improve your fitness while teaching you the right way to work out.
  • Custom Session: Here you or your coach can create and develop your personal session library. You can add your own playlist.
  • Simulated sessions: Ride any Starva segment in our RIDE THE WORLD. (Real-time gradient simulation only on smart trainers).
  • Erg mode: Train specifically according to the set wattage / power setting and time. (Real-time performance simulation only on smart trainers).
  • Resistance mode: train to set resistance and time (real-time resistance simulation only on smart trainers).
  • Fitness Test: Use our integrated 20-minute FTP test (Functional Threshold Power – Test). This will give you all the data you need for a smart workout. Use power (perceived or actual) and heart rate to determine your correct training zones.
  • Zone Calculator: Enter your personal ride data or let the app calculate your training zones after the FTP test. Update manually or through our FTP update function.
  • Recovery Test: The JETBLACK CYCLING APP is designed for coaching. We’ve included a recovery test in the app activation, so you can train smart from the start.
  • Zone updates: FTP and heart rate monitoring. The app automatically updates your training zones as you get fitter and stronger.
  • Health and fitness: a function to monitor your overall fitness and your body’s reaction to overload.
  • Workout Calendar: The app records your entire workout and stores it in one place. You get ride and training data in an easy-to-understand format.
JetBlack Cycling App - Trainingsdaten
  • Settings: We give you accurate ride details by capturing bike and wheel selection, athlete-specific data, built-in calibrations, and JetBlack-specific trainer options.
  • Sensor Settings: Our pedal, seek, link, pull, and sensor connection process makes it easy to connect to most ANT+ and BLE devices. (1 BLE signal per device and app)
  • Other setting functions: Troubleshooting and APP tours, battery save settings, metric/imperial settings, feedback capabilities.
JetBlack Cycling - Virtuelles Training
  • SMART TRAINER options: We offer all of the above options with the added ability to connect to other third-party smart devices. Real-time adjustments In Simulation, ERG and Resistance modes.
  • Simulation mode: With Strava segments you can ride any course in the world. The app and the trainer work together to adjust the gradient from this segment. The app gives you all the information you need to cover the course as efficiently as possible.
  • ERG mode: You set the wattage and interval time you want to train with. Setting of rest resistance and recovery time. Perfect smart training tool.
  • Resistance mode: As with ERG mode, you set the resistance level and time. The resting resistance and time make every training session perfect.
  • Upload: Upload ride details and results to Coach and friends or to websites like Training Peaks and Strava.
  • Share: Design and share workouts with your trainer or friends.
  • Import: The ability for your coach or buddy to send you a workout/ride directly to your app.
  • Music: Add your own playlist. For all non-MP3 sessions.

Why do we train?

For most of us, exercise brings pleasure and results, and the results tend to be pleasure- or event-oriented. Not only are we built differently, but we have different lifestyles and commitments, from full-time professional athletes to working parents of three children. We all need to make the most of the time available.

For this reason, smart timing of workouts and intervals is essential if you want improvement to reach your goals.

Cycling is an endurance-based sport that requires time…. but you don’t necessarily have to sit on the bike for hours. Depending on your situation, quality of training sometimes takes precedence over quantity and can yield better results. There is a trick to planning your training intervals: train hard, but make sure you also train very lightly. Switch off in between and make sure you rest between sessions. Monitor the effects of exercise on your body, simple monitoring will show you when you are ready for the next workout. Once you’ve successfully educated yourself on the effects of training, you’ll see what really works for you.

I would strongly advise you to hire a coach. Coaches are not only there for professionals, but for those who care about their results. Use them and learn from them.

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