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Test report of the complete JetBlack setup from Bicycling Australia

Nat Bromhead, an editor at Bicycling Australia, has tested the complete JetBlack Trainer Suite

“The rocker plate offers a far more realistic road feel and activates your core as you ride your favourite indoor training platform… We found these improved ergonomics to have a dramatic effect on overall comfort when ‘riding’ the indoor trainer. The side-to-side rocking action felt natural, realistic, and as close to actual real-life riding as […]

Zwift Social Ride Invitation

Unlock your Zwift JetBlack Kit

Did you miss the chance to unlock the Zwift JetBlack Kit? Then participate in one of the last four events! REGISTER NOW IT’S NOT TOO LATE! JetBlack is hosting four more events that will give you the chance to unlock your own JetBlack jersey on Zwift. Join the JetBlack crew for a short bike ride […]

The complete JetBlack Indoor Cycling setup

JetBlack Volt now rent instead of buy

Bike training at home (indoor cycling) is a great way to stay fit when time is limited, or weather conditions prevent riding in the great outdoors. Cycling training at home offers many advantages. This allows you to escape bad weather, for example, when it becomes dangerous outside due to snow and ice. Indoor cycling is […]

Zwift Social Ride Invitation


JetBlack is hosting 4 special events giving you the exclusive opportunity to unlock your very own Zwift JetBlack Jersey. Join the JetBlack crew for a short social ride over the Watopia Hilly loop. The first 2 laps will keep everyone together riding at around 2.0 to 2.3w/k, then for those wanting to stretch their legs […]

The VOLT in the test at

With the Volt, the Australian company Jetblack is positioning itself in the middle class of the market and, according to its own statements, wants to play in a league with the Kickr Core. With an 11-speed cassette already installed, it is already one step ahead of the competing model. The Volt also cuts a fine […]

Tony Simmonds from Australian company JetBlack Cycling shows us the new Volt electromagnetic smart trainer. we also take a look at the turn block, trainer table and TV stand from JetBlack. There’s a review of the Volt over on the website

Why do we train?

Not only is everyone built differently, but they also have different lifestyles and levels of commitment, from full-time professional athletes to working moms with three kids. We all need to make the most of the hours we have been given.

JetBlack VOLT Smart Trainer – Reviewed By Lama Lab

With the Volt, JetBlack does not need to hide against the big players in the industry. Shane Miller from GPLama took the JetBlack Volt™ Smart Trainer for a test drive. Check out his full conclusion from unboxing to driving.

DC Rainmaker- VOLT Review

I like being pleasantly surprised by smaller companies that nail a product. And the JetBlack VOLT is one of those such products, from one of those such companies. And the JetBlack VOLT is one of those such products, from one of those such companies. “The VOLT is not only a direct-drive trainer, but also one […]

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