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Test report of the complete JetBlack setup from Bicycling Australia

Nat Bromhead, an editor at Bicycling Australia, has tested the complete JetBlack Trainer Suite

"The rocker plate offers a far more realistic road feel and activates your core as you ride your favourite indoor training platform... We found these improved ergonomics to have a dramatic effect on overall comfort when ‘riding’ the indoor trainer. The side-to-side rocking action felt natural, realistic, and as close to actual real-life riding as you’ll get. "

“Never content to rest on their laurels, Tony Simmons and the Jet Black team are impressive operators. Getting them on the phone can be a task in itself. Visit their warehouse and offices and you can’t help but be energised by their enthusiasm and excitement, so far as new products and in-house R&D goes.

The Jet Black indoor training ecosystem brings all of the above time, technology and energy together, with the company now offering a full suite of products and accessories for the growing smart trainer market.

The aforementioned Volt trainer is the centrepiece of the range, with other items complementing its performance and adding to the overall experience. These include a rocker plate, front-wheel turn plate, trainer-specific TV stand and floor mat…”

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